Argonaut Rowing Club Programs

At the Argonaut Rowing Club, we believe that anyone who wants to row should have the opportunity to do so. We have programs to fit many different needs, schedules, goals, abilities, and interests. Our programs range from recreational (that row 2 to 3 times a week) to competitive (that row and workout 7+ times per week) and everything in between.

Any athlete can move between programs based on program capacity and athlete ability. Generally crews start to form in the spring; however, you can join any adult rowing program at any time in the season.

If you are unsure of which program to join or just want more information, please contact us at

Interested in learning how to row? Check out our Introductory Programs

Club Rowing

Lighter pace

Want to keep rowing but
don't have the time?
An alternative to competitive rowing

Ages 18+

3-4 evenings/week


Increased competition

Continue to row at a competitive level
while balancing other commitments
racing 1000m

Ages 21+

For experienced rowers
4-5 morning or evenings/week
& Saturday mornings

& U23

Highly Competitive

Train minimum 6 mornings
per week
racing 2000m

U23 & Ages 23+

For competitive rowers
Selection process in effect


Different Levels

Approximately 2-3 days per week
and Saturday mornings

Ages 18+

Designed for people with physical
or intellectual disabilities/limitations.

Learn to Train

Different Levels

Sculling: available three
weekday mornings.

Sweep: available two weekday
evenings plus Saturday.

Ages 18+

Learn to Row (LTR) graduate.


Like being on the water?

Be a leader of a crew
& navigate Lake Ontario

All Ages

No experience necessary

Dry Land

Weights and erg with a view!

Access to weight room
& beautiful views of Lake Ontario
from the erg room

All Ages

No rowing necessary

Other membership types (Coaches/Umpires, National or Ex-National Team, etc): Join now

More Info

Benefits: All club memberships including, but not limited to, those in an Adult, Junior, Para, and Learn to Train are considered full members and have year-round access to the club, weight room, erg room, and social events.

Safety: Members are responsible for their own safety and must complete a safety test before going on the water. Before bowing a sculling boat (1x, 2x, or 4x), capabilities will be assessed by a qualified coach to ensure that the course can be safely navigated.

Eligibility: 18+ and either a graduate of Learn to Row and Learn to Train OR an experienced rower from another club or school.

More Information: Please contact