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No prior rowing experience required.
Ages 11 to 16
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Week-long program in which participants will row every day. The camp day runs from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

After Care program of games, activities, and time for individual pursuits is offered from 3:00 – 5:30 pm


Regular week (5 days):

After Care Program
Regular week (5 days):

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In this week-long summer camp, participants aged 11 to 16 will be on the water twice a day (weather permitting) to enjoy rowing on the Toronto waterfront. They will be given both on-land training using rowing machines and on-water experience in crew boats, followed by single sculls later in the week. They will learn basic rowing terms and the importance of balance and technique. More advanced rowers will be able to fine-tune their technique. When not working on rowing, campers will engage in crafts and active games in the clubhouse or out on the lawns.

You do not need to be a member of the club to participate in Camp Argo.

Reserve your spot with confidence:

During these uncertain times of COVID-19 we want to reduce the risk to anyone considering reserving their spots for Learn to Row and Camp Argo. If any sessions are lost, disrupted or simply not able to occur we will guarantee 100% refunds as peace of mind.

2023 Schedule

Camp WeekDates
Week 1July 4 – July 7 (4 days prorated)
Week 2July 10 – July 14
Week 3July 17 – July 21
Week 4July 24 – July 28
Week 5July 31 – August 4
Week 6August 14 – August 18
Week 7 August 21 – August 25
Week 8August 28 – September 1

Safety: Camp participants will be supervised by experienced coaches in a fully-equipped motorized coach boat, including life jackets, a ladder and other safety equipment. All coaches have proper police background checks.

Benefits: The Camp Argo experience builds self-confidence, develops skills, and creates new friendships. This camp offers a unique experience for trying a new sport in a supportive environment all while spending days on the water.

Eligibility: Ages 11 to 16

More Information: Please contact

Up to a week before the start of your session, there is no charge for date changes. For example, for a camp session starting on July 20th, you have until the end of the day of July 13th to request the change.

Less than one week before, and through the last day before the start of your session, changing the date requires a $50 Move Fee. For example, for a camp session starting on July 15th, you have until the end of the day of July 14th. The Move Fee will be waived if there are campers on the waiting list.

Regrettably, we cannot accommodate rescheduling requests after the day before the camp starts, that is, as of 00:01 am the morning of the first day. See our cancellation policy below for details.


Up to a week before the start of your session, cancellations are subject to a $35 Refund Fee. For example, for a camp session starting on July 20th, you have until the end of the day of July 13th to cancel.

No refunds will be given with less than a week before the start of your session.

Here’s what past Camp Argo participants and parents have to say…

Hello Argo Club,
My son has spent the past three weeks at Camp Argo. I honestly thought it would be a one week wonder for him but he now loves rowing more than anything.

I would very much like to compliment the coaches this summer for their exceptional skill at teaching and inspiring young rowers. They are amazing role models and the Argonaut Club should be very proud to have them as ambassadors.

My son is now counting the minutes until he can join the Junior program at Argo!

With many thanks,
A parent, July 2019

What I like about Camp Argos is that it was an experience I will never forget! The parts that were key to my experience were the coaches and the program. The coaches were all super nice and wanted to help improve your rowing skills, also they were funny! The program was super awesome: every time I was in a row boat I always laughed, had fun, and learned a lot!
Jasmine, Age 13, Camp Argo graduate 2019

I really enjoyed Camp Argos because in five short days, I went from not knowing how to row, to having an improved understanding of the sport and proper technique. Although I learned, and did a lot of intense ergs, I still had lots of fun, and all of the counselors were fantastic.
Nadia, Age 13, Camp Argo graduate 2019

I enjoyed learning different strokes
Siena, Camp Argo graduate 2018

“My favorite part of camp was learning to scull and row in general. I liked these areas because I enjoyed learning different strokes. Also, I enjoyed sculling because it was fun and more balanced. “

I liked working in a team
Katerina, Camp Argo graduate 2018

“I liked working as a team with the other campers and trying out different boats.”

I liked learning to row and being a coxswain
Hayley, Camp Argo graduate 2019 – rower and coxswain

“I liked learning to row and being a coxswain. Learning rowing techniques and standing in the boat was really fun along with learning to steer.”

I really like this camp
Samuel, Camp Argo graduate 2019

“I really like this camp! I think that learning was my favourite part about Camp Argo. Specifically, I liked sculling best because there is a smaller group of people and each of us use 2 oars instead of 1. Also, I liked the Thunderbird because it is where you do a power 10 and then when you are gliding, you push your oars down so they are higher in the air like wings.”

It was really cool!
Amy, Camp Argo graduate 2018

“I liked rowing in the eight the most. It was enjoyable to work in a team as you needed to make sure you were in time with everyone else. I also liked when we did the ‘Thunderbird’ in the eight. It was really cool!”

Some observations from Camp Argo 2018
Junior Counsellor

“There was one boy who was quite small for his age and very shy. There was also a group of friends who came to camp together and initially were somewhat rowdy. The shy boy quickly became friends with the other boys because of the respect he commanded in the boat. Although the friendship was not a very likely match, the group of boys saw that the shy boy was a more experienced rower than they were, and they respected that and learned from it. I thought that was a pretty cool thing to see, especially from teenage boys who can tend to stick with their own friends.”

Another story from the same Counselor, from 2018:

“There was a girl I remembered who caught onto rowing quite quickly. She did not have a preference for which boat she was in, and always made the best out of who she was rowing with. If there were campers more experienced than her in the boat, she would learn from them. If the other campers in the boat were less experienced than she was, she would help them learn something. This was great to see as a counselor.”