Meet Our Board of Directors

The Argonaut Rowing Club (ARC) is led by a Board of Directors and supported by various committees.

Board Duties and Responsibilities

The Board of Directors is primarily responsible for long-term planning, financial, and administrative decisions. All directors and sub-committees work toward the best decisions for the club overall, therefore communications flow freely among the groups. To view the Statement of Director Duties and Responsibilities, click here.

The board is also joined by representatives from our affiliate Branksome Hall who may sit on the board in an ex-officio capacity. While the Head Coach and Junior Coach attend Board meetings, they are not part of the Board and do not vote.

To view the responsibilities of each portfolio, click on the portfolio name below:

Jason van Ravenswaay – President

Judy Sutcliffe – Secretary

Bruno Schmidt – Treasurer

Sean Lawler – Fundraising

Pierre Campeau – Membership

Milan Sreckovic – Club Captain

Julie McKernan – Introductory Support Programs

Joel Burgon – Facilities

Tara Hunter – Communications and Marketing

Alannah Della Vedova – Events

Logan Prong – Banquet Facility

Board Meetings

The Board meets on the third Monday of every month and its activities are guided by the Club Policies, By-laws, and 5 year Business Plan. Any questions or concerns that you may have should be taken to the appropriate sub-Committee to be resolved or brought forward by the portfolio director at the next board meeting. Each director must submit a monthly report detailing their board activities.

View Board Minutes

Annual General Meetings (AGMs)

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held annually in November to provide a financial update to the members, to elect directors, to appoint auditors and to deal with any other business that appropriately should come before the membership.

This meeting reviews the audited financial statements, and there will be an election of directors. Reports are tabled by the Captain/Co-Captain and the directors responsible for various portfolios outlining the activities for the past year and ongoing plans. Other issues may be added to the agenda as required.

Each year three elected member’s terms (out of nine) come up for renewal at the Annual General Meeting.