Novice Program


Learn to Row Graduates
Ages 21+
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Approximately 3 days per week.


Novice 1 program dates/costs:

  • June 1-September 1 $480
  • July 6-September 1 $340
  • August 8-September 1 $140

Novice 2 program join dates/costs

  • September 1- November 4 $360

If you have completed your Learn to Row course at Argonaut Rowing Club or another club, then you are able to join ARC Novice Dev. 2015 program after you attend Info session(that also includes ergonometer testing which is 10 minutes of rowing on ergonometer with your total distance rowed recorded). This info session, as well as ergonometer session attendance is required to ensure that you understand what the program is all about, and to ensure that you are able to commit to training program.

Info session/ergonometer assessment will take place at the club in the erg room on these dates/times:

  • May 31st at 10AM
  • June 21st at 10AM
  • June 29th at 7PM
  • August 4th at 7PM

You MUST e-mail and state that you would like to come to info session/erg assessment. It is possible that date/time might change, so we need to make sure we have contact info of those who are interested.

The cost of joining Novice program is estimated below accounting for different starting dates in Novice 1