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Welcome to the Member’s only section of the Argonaut Rowing Club (ARC) website. If you have registered recently, make sure you’ve considered all the steps that may be required to be fully registered (click here for details). Look for your name in this list, and make sure you are shown in the right category. Only fully registered club members can use club boats.

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From the coaching staff

  • Boats coming off the dock and moving into the boathouse have priority on the dock ramp over the boats coming out of the boathouse, going towards the dock.
  • Landing crews have priority on the east half of the dock over the launching crews.
  • Launching crews have priority on the west half of the dock over the landing crews.
  • All club boats and oars must be wiped dry after the row. During the times when the daily low dips below 6C, the boats need to be wiped on the stretchers, rather than on the racks, to avoid missing a spot and having the water freeze and create cracks.
  • Junior crews – as specified by the head coach.
  • Safety first!
    • Lights are a must from 30 minutes before the sunset, until 30 minutes after sunrise.
    • You will need your own lights – the more lights you have on the boat the better.
    • Be familiar with and follow the club safety policy and rules.
  • You must be a 2022 member in good standing to use the club facilities and equipment. This includes private boat owners.
  • You must have a boat assigned to you in order to row it. Click here for the current boat allocations.

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