Spirit of Martha Coffey Junior Development Award

Argonaut Rowing Club Spirit of Martha Coffey Junior Development Award

A new award for Junior Rowers at the Argonaut Rowing Club

The Spirit of Martha Coffey Award, that encourages positive behaviour within the junior rowing program, will be made annually at the Double Blue Awards Banquet.

Award Criteria

The award will be given to the one or two junior (U19) athletes who most demonstrated the following characteristics over the previous year.

  • Was welcoming to all
  • Promoted a sense of camaraderie and club spirit
  • Served as a positive influence on the club environment
  • Demonstrated a high degree of leadership within and beyond the junior rowing program
  • Had commitment to the junior rowing program and to the Club overall
  • Participated in the life of the Club beyond the junior program

The athlete(s) could demonstrate these characteristics both within the junior rowing program and in the broader club environment by volunteering around the dock, in the boat bays, at the Learn to Row regattas, at HogTown Heats and Martha Coffey FrostBite Sprints, at the Canada Day Regatta, delivered by the Dominion Day Regatta Association and at regattas attended by the Club in the competitive season.

What is the award?

The award will take three forms:

  1. A cheque for $250,
  2. An award certificate, and
  3. A name plate to be added to a large plaque to be displayed in the Centennial Room (erg room), like the Lifetime Achievement Award plaque.

The large permanent wall plaque will have a name or names added each year, on a small metal plaque that would be affixed to the permanent wall plaque. The athletes name and the year would appear on the metal plate.

Selection Process

Volunteer junior coaches, members and junior athletes may make nominations to the Head Coach based on the criteria.

Number of awards: If there are fewer than 10 rowers in the junior program, one award will be made each year. If there are 10 or more rowers in the program, then two awards — one to a female and one to a male junior athlete — will be made.

The final decision will be made by the Captain in consultation with the Head Coach.