Your gift today
is a gift for our future.

When you donate to the Argonaut Rowing Club, you are supporting 150 years of history and tradition while helping to prepare our club for the next generation of rowers. Our volunteer-run club relies on donations like yours to keep our expenses to a minimum in order to provide affordable access to all. All donations are processed by the National Sport Trust Fund (NSTF) by the Ontario Sport Network (OSN) through their secure site. Donors will receive a tax-deductible receipt for donations over $10.01.

Help us celebrate our 150 year history
by supporting our future

All donations over $10.01 will receive a tax deductible receipt from the National Sport Trust Fund through their secure site.

Oars For All

Our athletes come in all sizes, so should our oars.
Your donation will help the club purchase size-appropriate oars for our varying sizes of athletes.

Diversity and Inclusion

Our goal is to break down the barriers to participation for the youth of our Parkdale neighbourhood and other nearby neighbourhoods deemed areas of development by the City of Toronto. We aim to achieve that goal by hosting try-it days to introduce rowing to youth who would not otherwise consider our sport and by funding ten first-time memberships each year to those for whom fees are a barrier to participation.


Our equipment is delicate and repairs and replacement of equipment is an ongoing cost to our club. With this choice, you will be helping to improve the quality and availability of equipment to support a positive user experience for all members of the club.

Martha Coffey Junior Development Fund

Our next generation of rowers is a priority for the club. Help us encourage young athletes to mentor new athletes, foster an inclusive and encouraging atmosphere, and to achieve their personal goals from increased personal fitness to excellence in competition.

Help make our club more accessible

While we’ve made great strides to make our club accessible to those with physical challenges, we have more work to do. Help us upgrade accessibility projects.

Help us retire the revitalization costs

Our revitalization work is finally complete and repayment of the debt is on track. But we’d like to see this paid down faster. Help pay down the debt to help us save on interest.

Where it’s needed most

Choose this option if you would like us to determine where your donation has the biggest impact.

Bequests and Planned Giving

A planned gift is a great way to ensure that future generations will continue to enjoy the unique benefits of rowing in our beautiful environment while allowing you and your family to maximize the financial rewards of your philanthropy.