24-Hour Indoor Row-A-Thon

Our 24-Hour Indoor Row-A-Thon started Saturday, January 12th at 9am and ended Sunday, January 13th at 9am! We had two athletes row the full 24 hours.

The link for donations is still live and you can click here to donate.

Check out our coverage on BlogTO, CityNews on January 12th and January 13th, Toronto.com, and snapd.

Argonaut Rowing Club docks in May 2017

Argonaut Rowing Club is raising money to rebuild our non-profit club in the aftermath of the spring flooding of 2017 when our washrooms, change rooms and docks sustained irreparable water damage. We’re in the process of relocating the washrooms and change rooms upstairs, making them accessible, and creating more space for boats on the dock level.

With the added boat space and expanded docks, we will be able to offer our program to high school students in the Parkdale area and to provide better access for those members with mobility issues.

For future sponsorship opportunities or media information on our 24-hour indoor row-a-thon, please contact row@argonautrowingclub.com


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All donations will be made to the National Sport Trust Fund – Ontario (NSTF) and directed to the Argonaut Rowing Club. A charitable tax receipt will automatically be provided from the NSTF for all donations.


$5,000 and higher Double Blue (plus sponsorship and naming opportunities)
George Tintor, Gerry MacLeod, Colgan Foundation, Don Smith, Anonymous ($50,0000)

$1,000 – $4,999 Platinum
Judy Sutcliffe, Jerry Barth, Andrew Steen, Bruno Schmidt, Jason Van Ravenswaay, Robert Blunt, Norbert Tiemann, Milan Sreckovic, Karen Lightheart , Hilary Watt, Carole MacDonald, Sandra Watt, William Donegan, Michael Cooper, Harry Weide, Raegan Bond, Shannon Corley

$500 – $999 Gold
Maureen Fair, Effie Stathopoulos, Matthew Miller/Jeannette Ellis, Pippa Hobbes, Grant Sommers, Ike Zimbel, Nicholas Kypreos, True Sport Foundation (from Sheelah McNeill), Investors Group (from Sheelah McNeill), Alice Freitas, Dominique Hansen, Jordan Levitin, Norma Wilkie, Anne Shelton, Markian Silecky, Anonymous, Mateusz Zurowski, Graham Bolton, Axel Hussel, Ross Stevenson, Kristy Thompson, Brenda Lum, Tara Christie, Gabrielle David

$100 – $499 Silver
Anne Shelton, George Molloy, Ian Zagrodney, Michael Beck, In honour of Larry Marshall, Anonymous, Annette Hicks, University of Toronto (UTAA), Robert Bubba, Anonymous, Andrew Cherwenka, Rodney Cole, Bob Johnson, Jennifer Grochocinski, Scott Milne, Marshall Rockley, Zoran Vukasinovic, Chris French, Richard Smith, Marc Macaulay, Brianne Misner, Parker Janes, Bill McGuire, Jane Shepherd, Shona Rowan, Jim Lyttle, David Trottier, Zoran Kostadinovic, Dionne Gesink, Gary Filan, Anonymous, Pippa MacDonald, Amanda Young, Iona Wing, Bruno Capouillez, Anonymous, Sandeep Grewal, Andrew Johnston, Alvaro Gauto, Arax Acemyan, Jane Bowman, Yvette Jancso, Monica Polo, Shannon Kay, John Scannell, Hanley Bodek, Philip Stekl, Odette Ziezold, Walter Demers, Laura Gay, Anonymous, Liam Vukasinovic, Sheelah McNeill, Erin Devereaux, Gregory Paciga, Tara Hunter, Jordanna Lipsom, Jennifer Blunt, Penny Paucha, Linda Wooding, Martin Buckle, Julie Rosenthal, Lynn Croteau, Prescott Huidekoper, Alex Meiklejohn, Miriam Grenville, Janet Gillespie, Maria Haley, Lee Sela, Latham French, Anonymous, Fenwick Bonnell, Maria Haley, Dmitri Nebrat, Craig Van Every, Anonymous, Kabilesan Chandrasekaran, Anonymous, Rebecca Thomas, Patrick Macaulay, Gary Pelow, Megan Bingley, Peter Robertson, Frank Durrant, Tatjana Pejovic, Shawn Squires, Heather Kwok,AnneShelton

$1 – $99 Bronze
Mike Ostrowski / Judy Sanz-Sole, Trish Venema, Robin Crombie, Michael Totta, Tatjana Pejovic, Jennifer Dickie, Ray Gatt, James Spence, Dane Lawson, Stephen Pynenburg, Dean Sela, Anonymous, Erich Schultze, Emma Pienaar, Anik Hanning, Eric Ziezold, Edwin Shafer, Kate King Wale, Brian Kapeluch, Teresa Miedema, Anonymous, Roseann Pikelin, Jeffery Hanning, Caleb Bolychuk, Helen Weston, Michael Greig, Natalie Patterson, Sarah Pidgen, Isabel Ruby-Hill, Claude Gagne, Sunny Lad,Laura Barnett, Bruno Capouillez, Dave Lovell, Emma Castelhano, Marina Mak, Kritteka Gregory, Anna Derksen, Lorna Murphy, Joel Burgon, Jennifer Blunt, Jackie Blunt, Jamie Blunt, Elliot Hall, Miona Necic, Mark Yamashita, Anomymous, Elizabeth Howieson, Jillian Ferguson, Juliana Muller Menchen, Natasa Zupancic, Kritteka Gregory, Cathy Coles, Kathleen Hearn, Christina Crook, Larry Marshall, Konstantin Shestopaloff, Joanna Chan, Annalisa Rasmussen, Christian Prime Guerra, Iain Kinch, Angelo Stathopoulos, Anne Mitchell, Rowan Rockley, David Filipovich, Kristyn Kennedy, Jill Clark, Sara-Jane Carter, Kubilius, Lynn Croteau, Michael Greig, John Atalick,AngieCiepiela

Friends of the Argonaut Rowing Club (thank you to those who have sponsored our members in our Octuple Sculls Row-a-Thon)
Odette Ziezold, Bahram Farahbakhsh, Erik Hansen, Larry Marshall, David Robertson, Andrew Heal, David Gryfe, Anonymous, David Lightheart , Samantha Whelan Kotkas, Cam Rockley, Monica Robertson, Anonymous, Barry Whelan, Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous, Edward Clark, Bob Bubba, Anonymous, Nora Cooper, Graham Bolton, Anonymous, Lash family, George Tintor, Maureen Fair, Heather Kwok , George Molloy, Michael Cooper, Krista Wylie, Anonymous, Karen Lightheart, Constance M Cooper, Jeffery Hanning, Anonymous, Anonymous, Alex Howieson, Jacqui Beattie (Cook), Teresa Read, Grace Trotter, Elke Schmidt, Anonymous , Natalie Sommers, Grace Trotter, Anonymous, Mona Stirling, Anonymous, Roberta Sommers, Peter Robertson, Joanne Siu, Anonymous, Pippa Hobbes, Anonymous, Rebecca Thomas, Maurice Trottier, Anonymous, Cathy Coles, Susan Fraser, Marnie McBean, Susan Wild, Sandra Iafrate, Sally Chenoweth

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: fundraising@argonautrowingclub.com

The Argonaut Rowing Club is a non-profit, inclusive organization that serves the community by offering a range of rowing programs for individuals of varying age groups and physical ability.