“Pull Together” Capital Campaign

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The “Pull Together” Capital Campaign is a multi-year fundraising initiative that will provide capital for the Argonaut Rowing Club to upgrade the infrastructure of our boathouse and provide our members with first class facilities for many years to come. Funds will be raised from club members, alumni, friends, corporations and government entities.

Phase One of the campaign was targeting an amount of $200,000 in 2017, for the purpose of replacing the existing docks with larger docks that are accessible to all, as well as other related infrastructure improvements.

Emergency Update:

While our Capital Campaigns first stage was focused on replacing our aging docks with accessibility-compliant docks, the flooding during the spring of 2017 has resulted in the unavoidable emergency gutting of the ground level of the building, leaving Argonaut members without change rooms or permanent washrooms. We find ourselves with the added unexpected expense of a large scale renovation. The estimated cost to rebuild what we’ve lost is in the neighbourhood of $500,000.

Eventually, we must do both:

Our docks and our building must be accessibility-compliant by 2025. But in order to function as a rowing club, we also need washrooms and change rooms. Our needs are great, but we are Argos. We will pull together and make this all happen.

We thank you in advance for your generous donations in keeping the Argonaut Rowing Club one of Canada’s great long standing institutions.

Here are architectural drawings of the change-room renovations that we are proposing to do. The plan is to move the change-rooms up a floor to where the current Club office and Trophy Room are located. A new floor would be added to the squash court boat bays at the same level as the current Club office and Trophy Room, and the office and Trophy Room would be moved south, into the top half of the squash courts.

New space where the change-rooms are currently located would be freed up for more single boat storage.

Below is information about replacing the docks.

New Docks

The existing, aging docks will be replaced with a new deck, ramp and expanded dock. The new facility will make all outdoor areas fully accessible to rowers with physical disabilities and will accommodate increased boat traffic during peak periods.

Up to four eight-oared shells will be able to launch or return at the same time. This will be extremely beneficial during peak periods on spring and summer weekday mornings, as well as during our LTR, Hog Town Heats and Martha Coffey Frostbite Sprints regattas. The current traffic jams at the dock will become a distant memory!


The dock replacement will consist of the construction of:

  • a new deck that is level with the concrete area in front of the boat bays. This will facilitate access to the deck for persons with physical disabilities directly from the concrete area;
  • a gently sloping ramp leading to the dock, enabling persons with disabilities to easily access the dock; and
  • a floating dock that is wider and longer than the existing dock, with a level surface area. The larger dock will be able to accommodate three times as many boats as the current dock, easing congestion and wait times during peak periods on spring and summer weekday mornings.

Benefits of new docks

Accessibility The new docks will offer barrier-free access, from boat bay to the water. This will enable the club to build on its position as a Para-Rowing Centre of Excellence (as designated by RowOntario), by offering expanded learn-to-row and competitive programs for persons with disabilities.

Capacity With up to four eight-oared shells launching or returning at the same time, traffic congestion at the dock will be a thing of the past. On weekday mornings, in particular, high school crews will be able to get on and off the water more quickly, saving them 15-30 precious minutes on their busy school days.


Sufficient funds to be raised by November 2017 to place order with dock manufacturer.

Completion of new docks by March 2018.

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#87b09a Raised $70,372 towards the $500,000 target.

All donations will be made to the National Sport Trust Fund – Ontario (NSTF) via its provincial partner, Sport4Ontario, and then directed to the Argonaut Rowing Club. As NSTF is recognized by the Canada Revenue Agency under the qualified donees category, a charitable tax receipt will be provided automatically for all donations.

Donation Levels:

$5,000 and higher Double Blue (plus sponsorship and naming opportunities)

George Tintor, Gerry MacLeod, Colgan Foundation, Don Smith

$1,000 – $4,999 Platinum

Judy Sutcliffe, Jerry Barth, Andrew Steen, Bruno Schmidt, Jason Van Ravenswaay, Robert Blunt, Norbert Tiemann, Milan Sreckovic, Karen Lightheart , Hilary Watt, Carole MacDonald, Sandra Watt, William Donegan, Michael Cooper, Harry Weide, Raegan Bond, Shannon Corley

$500 – $999 Gold

Maureen Fair, Effie Stathopoulos, Matthew Miller/Jeannette Ellis, Pippa Hobbes, Grant Sommers, Ike Zimbel, Nicholas Kypreos, True Sport Foundation (from Sheelah McNeill), Investors Group (from Sheelah McNeill), Alice Freitas, Dominique Hansen, Jordan Levitin, Norma Wilkie, Anne Shelton, Markian Silecky, Anonymous, Mateusz Zurowski, Graham Bolton, Axel Hussel, Ross Stevenson, Kristy Thompson, Brenda Lum, Tara Christie

$100 – $499 Silver

Anne Shelton, George Molloy, Ian Zagrodney, Michael Beck, In honour of Larry Marshall, Anonymous, Annette Hicks, Robert Bubba, Anonymous, Andrew Cherwenka, Rodney Cole, Bob Johnson, Jennifer Grochocinski, Scott Milne, Marshall Rockley, Zoran Vukasinovic, Chris French, Richard Smith, Brianne Misner, Parker Janes, Bill McGuire, Jane Shepherd, Shona Rowan, Jim Lyttle, David Trottier, Zoran Kostadinovic, Dionne Gesink, Gary Filan, Anonymous, Pippa MacDonald, Amanda Young, Iona Wing, Bruno Capouillez, Anonymous, Sandeep Grewal, Andrew Johnston, Alvaro Gauto, Arax Acemyan, Jane Bowman, Yvette Jancso, Monica Polo, John Scannell, Hanley Bodek, Philip Stekl, Odette Ziezold, Walter Demers, Laura Gay, Anonymous, Liam Vukasinovic , Sheelah McNeill, Erin Devereaux, Gregory Paciga, Tara Hunter, Jordanna Lipsom, Jennifer Blunt, Penny Paucha, Linda Wooding, Martin Buckle, Julie Rosenthal, Lynn Croteau, Prescott Huidekoper, Alex Meiklejohn, Miriam Grenville, Janet Gillespie, Maria Haley, Lee Sela, Latham French, Anonymous, Fenwick Bonnell, Maria Haley, Dmitri Nebrat, Craig Van Every, Anonymous, Kabilesan Chandrasekaran, Anonymous, Rebecca Thomas, Patrick Macaulay, Gary Pelow, Megan Bingley

$1 – $99 Bronze

Mike Ostrowski / Judy Sanz-Sole, Trish Venema, Robin Crombie, Michael Totta, Tatjana Pejovic, Jennifer Dickie, Ray Gatt, James Spence, Dane Lawson, Stephen Pynenburg, Dean Sela, Anonymous, Erich Schultze, Emma Pienaar, Anik Hanning, Eric Ziezold, Edwin Shafer, Kate King Wale, Brian Kapeluch, Teresa Miedema, Anonymous, Roseann Pikelin, Jeffery Hanning, Caleb Bolychuk, Helen Weston, Michael Greig, Natalie Patterson, Sarah Pidgen, Isabel Ruby-Hill, Dave Lovell, Anna Derksen, Lorna Murphy, Joel Burgon, Elliot Hall, Miona Necic, Mark Yamashita, Anomymous, Elizabeth Howieson, Jillian Ferguson, Juliana Muller Menchen, Natasa Zupancic, Kritteka Gregory, Cathy Coles, Kathleen Hearn, Christina Crook, Konstantin Shestopaloff, Joanna Chan, Annalisa Rasmussen




For further information, please click here for our fundraising brochure. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: fundraising@argonautrowingclub.com

The Argonaut Rowing Club is a non-profit, inclusive organization that serves the community by offering a range of rowing programs for individuals of varying age groups and physical ability.