Fall 2017 Regatta Results

Argos continued their tradition of excellence in the second season this year throughout all of our programs. Below are the highlights from our top performers at theMuskoka Fall Classic,Head of the Welland,Head of the Trent,Head of the Charles,and Head of the Schuykill Regattas. Details from theMartha Coffey Frostbite Sprintswill appear in the next Argonotes edtion.

Muskoka Fall Classic (Top 3)

Mens Grand Masters (50+) 1x-R. Blunt
Mens Sr. Grand Masters (60+) 1x– G. Tintor
Womens Club/Sr 1x-A. Meiklejohn
Mens Masters (21+) 4x– B. Farahbakhsh/P. Campeau/G. Bolton/S. Ruttan (SRC)
Rec 4+– K. Cronin/J. Muller Menchen/B. Capouillez/J. Atalick/H. Kwok (Cox)
Mixed Open 4x-D. Sela/C. Bolychuk/L. Sela/J. Dickie
Rec 8+– K. Gregory/J. Atalick/K. King Wale/K. Cronin/J. Muller Menchen/B. Capouillez/H. Kwok/J. Chan/B. Misner (Cox)

Womens Youth/High School 2x– J. Code/A. Tintor
Womens Masters (21+) 4+– B. Misner/M. Haley/R. Bond/J. Dickie/S. Grewal (Cox)
Rec 4+– L. Croteau/K. King Wale/J. Chan/K. Gregory/J. Siu (Cox)
Womens Youth/High School 4x– A. Tintor/K. Smith/J. Blunt/R. Mania

Womens Youth/High School 2x– A. Filan/K. Smith
Womens Grand Masters (50+) 2x– J. Shepherd/O. Ziezold
Mens Club/Sr 2x-C. Bolychuk/D. Sela
Rec 8+– S. Carter/A. Rasmussen/K. Kennedy/E. Bentley Jin/E. Devereaux/W. Chien/A. Hicks/J. Norton/A. Carley (Cox)


Head of the Welland (Top 3)

1st Men’s Masters 1X R. Blunt
1st Men’s Masters 1X G. Molloy
1stWomen’s 1X A. Meiklejohn

1st JR Womens 4X
4: A. Freeman
3: A. Filan
2: A. Tintor
1: J. Blunt

1st Mixed M 4X
4: D. Sela
3: C. Bolychuk
2: M. Lewicki
1: A. Meiklejohn

1st Mixed Open Rec 4+
: K. Cronin
3: K. King Wale
2: H. Kwok
1: J. Muller Menchen
c: T. Miedema

1st MM 8+
8: M. Niculescu
7: G. Bolton
6: B. Farahbakhsh
5: R. Perkins
4: M. Smith (SRRC)
3: S. Ruttan (SRRC)
2: F. Tamasi (TILL)
1: Z. Hollingham (TILL)
c: S. Grewal

2nd Men’s Masters 1X George Tintor

2nd Jr. Boys 4X
4: S. Zimbel
3: Q. Schmidt
2: T. Kypreos
1: M. Macaulay

2nd Mixed Open rec 8+
8: J. Atalick
7: R. Chin
6: A. Kubilius
5: K. Campbell
4: L. Barnett
3: A. Gauto
2: S. Lad
1: M. Fioravanti
c: J. Siu

3rd Mixed M 4x

4: D. Nebrat
3: E. Pienaar
2: J. Spence
1: E. Howieson

3rd MM 4+
4: A. Cherwenka
3: J. Scannell
2: M. Silecky
1: M. Sreckovic
c: N. Patterson

3rd MW 2X
2: T. Brooks
1: J. Ellis


Head of the Trent (Top 5)

2ndMens Masters 1XR. Blunt
2ndWomens Club 2X– (Sela)
2ndHS Boys 8+(Blunt)
3rdWomens Masters 2X(Ellis)
3rdRec 8+
4thMens Masters Club 4+(Sreckovic)
5thWomens Club 4+(Grewal)


Head of the Charles Regatta (all results)

Womens Youth Coxed Quad
4: A. Freeman
3: A. Filan
2: A. Tintor
1: J. Blunt
c: E. Balke

Mens Sr. Masters Single
7thR. Blunt

Mens Veteran Masters Single
41st G. Molloy

Womens Masters 2X
2: T. Brooks
1: J. Ellis

Mens Masters 4+
4: A. Cherwenka
3: J. Scannell
2: M. Silecky
1: M. Sreckovic
c: N. Patterson

Womens Ltwt 1X
7th-Alex Meiklejohn

Mens Youth Coxed Quad
4: S. Zimbel
3: Q. Schmidt
2: T. Kypreos
1: M. Macaulay
c: E. Cooper-Squires


Head of the Schuykill (Top 10)

Sr. Masters Mens 2X
1st M. Sreckovic, R. Blunt

Sr. Masters Mens 1X
2nd R. Blunt
6th M. Sreckovic

Womens HS 4+
1st Branksome Hall (Kinnear)
8th Branksome Hall (Kosche)

Womens HS 2X
6th J Blunt, C Steen

Womens HS 4X
9th (Smith)

Mens HS 4X
2nd (Rockley)
7th (Vukasinovic)

Mens HS 2X
3rd Vukasinovic/Foyle
10th Jansco/Szabo

Womens HS 8+
4th Branksome Hall (Kinnear)


Speakmon Memorial Regatta (top 5)


Mixed Open Composite 4x: S. Jones (unaffiliated)/M. Cooper(Argo)/H. Watt(Argo)/B. Farahbakhsh(Argo)

2nd place

Masters Mens Composite Double: M. Nicolescu (Argo)/F. Tamasi(Till)

Masters Mens Composite coxed 4: F. Tamasi(Till)/Z. Hollingworth(Till)/S. Ruttan (SRRC)/M. Nicolescu(Argo)

5th place

Masters Mixed Double: H. Watt(Argo)/M. Cooper(Argo)

Masters Mens Composite Double: S. Ruttan(SRRC)/B. Farahbakhsh(Argo)