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Learn to Row (LTR) graduate.
Ages 18+
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Sculling: available three weekday mornings.
Sweep: available two weekday evenings plus Saturday.

The Learn to Train program is designed as the next step after the Learn to Row program. The aim of this program is to further develop your rowing skills and to learn about the training aspects of the sport. You will have the opportunity to row with recreational (Club Rowing) members and become familiarized with the club in a fun and relaxed pace.

After you complete your Learn to Row at the Argonaut Rowing Club, you can join the Learn to Train (LTT) (don’t forget to use your discount code!):

All registrants become a full member of the club and their membership lasts until March 31, 2022. To participate in this program, everyone needs to have an Access Tag which may be purchased here. For those who have not graduate from the ARC’s LTR this year, or they have completed their LTR at a different rowing club, they will need to sign up in Rowing Canada Aviron (RCA) and purchase an Access Tag. Please contact membership@argonautrowingclub.com for all questions related to the Access Tag.

Once you complete this program, you can choose to join the Club rowing or the competitive (U23/Senior/Masters) programs.

Benefits: This program will allow you to improve your rowing technique and fitness levels. You are also entitled to all the benefits of a full member, including year-round access to the club, weight room, erg room, and social events (depending on Public Health restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic).

Safety: All Learn to Train sessions are taught by qualified coaches.

Eligibility: Graduates of LTR. Ages 18+

More Information: Please contact rowingmanager@argonautrowingclub.com