Corporate Rowing

Book Your Corporate Team Building Event at Argonaut Rowing Club


Team building in Toronto can be a powerful way for coworkers to socialize, develop strengths, work on weaknesses, and build trust.

With group options tailored to suit parties of any size, there are tons of ways to think outside the box when it comes to your next team outing – why not try rowing?

So pick up an oar and leave that stuffy board room behind, because a corporate row at Argonaut Rowing Club is the best way to build a team.

Rowing is a great activity that can involve all types of people with varying skill sets, attitudes, goals and ideas. Unlike other sports, it is vital to have each team member participating at all times. Each individual in the boat is vital to the direction of the team, the balance of the boat and ultimately success is acheived through teamwork and patience. Rowers learn to anticipate every move of the rest of their team and blend to move quickly and gracefully through the water. This is what makes rowing a unique team building experience and an ideal team sport. Rowing benefits people through a delightful waterfront atmosphere, exercise, and social interaction outside the workplace:

  • Builds synergy.
  • Enhances teamwork outside the work environment.
  • Offers a low impact, non-confrontational sport.
  • Allows individuals to realize the importance of their contribution to the whole team.

As an employer, this is a great program designed to offer your team a fun, team building activity. The team building developed through this opportunity will benefit your association, company, organization or alumni group in ways you didn’t know were possible.

As an individual, it introduces people to a new sport, a great new experience, and leads to the possibility of continuing to row in our recreational or competitive programs at the Argonaut Rowing Club.


Corporate Learn to Row Day
The option offers a unique program set to accommodate any corporation’s specific needs: half or full day event with flexible timing. Recognizing this takes place during business hours, this program is a favorite for organizations to bring in outside colleagues to have fun in a team environment. Your group will learn about the sport of rowing: the equipment, the basic technique on indoor rowing machines and an on-water experience in order to apply newly acquired techniques. The day will finish off on a high note with a race on the water. The day may include the following:

  • Catered lunch/breakfast/dinner/snacks or BBQ
  • Meeting facilities
  • Cash bar
  • Light refreshments and snacks will be provided throughout the day.
  • Coaching given by a group of energetic, experienced coaches.

Alumni Race Day
The second option is for alumni teams of experienced rowers to arrange a nostalgic race day. Crews can arrange to have practice days leading up to the event. We allow you to pick a date, time and group of people. We provide the shells, oars, safety boats, timers and referees as well as any of the following:

  • Coxswains
  • Catered lunch/breakfast/dinner/snacks or BBQ option
  • Meeting facilities
  • Cash bar

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