Club rules

Club Rules

Basic rules are important to ensure appropriate behaviour and conduct at the Argonaut Rowing Club (on the dock, in the boathouse and on the water). These rules have been developed with the safety and convenience of all members in mind.

Click here to access the ARC Club Rules.

As a member of the Club, you have the responsibility to understand and follow these rules and to do your utmost to ensure everyone else complies as well. Members are required to familiarize themselves with these, other club rules, the Code of Conduct and Club Policies. They are posted on the website and available in the office.

Failure to comply with these rules could result in the suspension or revoking of rowing privileges for each member or full crew as set out in the Penalties and Infractions Policy, including a fine up to $200 per crew member involved. If in doubt, please ask the Head Coach, your program representative, or another club official, for clarification. Please ensure that you respect the safety of yourself and others by adhering to all Club Rules and safety policies.